Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Pregnancy week 20 - it's a boy!

It's been a busy but exciting week this week.... ! We had our 20 week scan and found out that we will be having a boy. I immediately said "I told you so!" to my fiancé - I just had an instinct.

Also, next Wednesday, I will be getting married and then hopefully going on a honeymoon so planning has hit the crucial, stressful stage. What am I saying? The whole planning thing has been stressful! Pregnancy and wedding planning should NOT be mixed.

The problem has been not having many days off to go before the big day and suddenly finding that I don't have work trousers that fit and that I need some new bras. Cue crying in the Marks and Spencers fitting room because I can't get a fitting appointment!!

We went out straight from the scan and bought a few boy specific items..... he now has quite a good sized wardrobe to wear! (The items from Gap I didn't buy...they turned up at the flat I lived in 6 years ago and went unclaimed so they will finally get some use!)

My bump has grown quite considerably this week. I invested in some black skinnies from New Look, some tights and a top from the H and M Mama range and some pj's from Primark with bunnies on which are frankly awesome.
Here's what I've been wearing:

Dressing for the dropping temperatures.

Trying to find clothes for work.

Summer clothing for the honeymoon.

So as it's all go for the next few weeks, you might not hear from me until I get back.

Enjoy autumn whilst I soak up the sun!!!