Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Turkish Delights!

Evening! I'm back from my holiday! We got home late last night so I slept at my Dad's house and drove home this morning - stopping on the way to pick up Thomas from the in-laws. I'm sure I've only been gone a week but suddenly he looks like an adult cat! Still small enough for a cuddle though....

So, no "back from holiday" post would be complete without a few holiday snaps!

Is there anything better than a picture of a sandy beach to make you wish you were still on holiday??

Alaiye Resort and Spa Hotel

Our hotel was amazing. It definitely deserved its' 5* status. We came back one day to find some "swan" towel sculptures on our don't get that in England!

We took a couple of trips out of the hotel - one to the Managvat markets and also to Alanya - the nearest big town/city. It was in Alanya that I perfected my bartering skills and got my "Louis Vuitton" handbags!
The were about £12 each but in posts hereafter I will be just labelling them as Louis Vuitton - not "Louis Vuitton via Turkey!" Our little secret.....

As you can see, I also had to get a matching scarf and bag! I'm going to use the first bag as my everyday handbag and the second bag as my gym bag. That's how I can justify having two......I also got a Mammut fleece and a Lacoste polo shirt. I couldn't really leave without some Turkish Delight either! Luckily my boyfriend and housemate don't like it so it's mine, all mine!

Real Turkish Delight

Well, there you go. A brief run down of my holiday! I'll do a few more posts in a couple of days but unfortunately it's back to work for me tomorrow.....and the real world. Sad face!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

The wonders of technology

Am i the only person that finds it amazing that I can be sat by the pool in a totally different country and still blog?! I mean really.....that is pretty amazing. Who knows what the future holds!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Evening! So, I'm off on holiday to Turkey on Tuesday so there will be no blogging for about a week......
I've spent the day packing, fake tanning and generally lounging!

Don't miss me too much!

Monday, 12 March 2012

I'm gonna soak up the sun

Bonsoir! Have you been enjoying the sun? I got to finally see a little bit of sunshine yesterday as I headed to my Dad's house for Sunday lunch.

Wearing white and standing in bright sunlight is not a good idea!

Ha, not looking too happy in that photo! It was a struggle to get a good picture even with the sunshine!

Let's see if we can find a better shot.......

Hat - Primark, Cardigan - Bershka, Top - Benetton,
 Jeans - River Island, Sneakers - Sainsburys.
After I had finished posing in the garden, I went for lunch and later on I bought some fabric dye to revive the cardigan above and some other greying/ white tops. More about that later...

As I had previously mentioned, I spent most of the weekend of work, feeling really really ill! I barely moved from my bed, and if I did move, it was only as far as the sofa. By Sunday I was feeling mostly over the cold symptoms but still had a splitting headache. Below is the state of my death bed:

The scene of my demise....
I thought you might like to see a voyeur Tracey Emin sort of way!! My sheets are more posh than Tracey's. Lol. 
Well, time to watch Gossip Girl....Ciao!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Sick as a dog

Howdy! Coming at ya from the sofa. In my dressing gown and pj's. That's how I roll.

Still feeling rubbishly ill so trying to find things I can do from the sofa or bed. So far I have painted my toe nails, applied fake tan, cut my own hair, had 3 cups of tea (number 4 on the way) and generally rotted. I think I'm probably the whingiest sick person EVER.

Luckily, it's now only 10 days until my holiday and I don't have to be at work for all of them. Yippee!

Whilst you're here, can I point you in the direction of my latest creation The Lists .....It's my new blog where I write lists! (Pretty self explanatory really....)

If you would like to write me a "guest" list then send your list to my email address - available on the contact me button at the top.

I look forward to your creations! Don't be shy....

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Girl Flu...

Hiya! How's you? I'm currently dying from "girl flu." Well, so far it's more of a cold but it still feels rubbish.

Therefore, I haven't been up to much.....I seem to spend my whole life working :( I'm even on the late shift tonight (gaaah)
I did get out the house yesterday for a costly visit to the vets (my cat has bad gums) and then to town to pick up my holiday tickets. Then me and the boy went to see "The Muppets" which was pretty good! Then I cam home and had a long sleep.....

I don't go to the cinema often as I think it's a huge rip off but we had an Orange Wednesday voucher and the boy has an Odeon Premier card which got us lots of free popcorn and sweets. Seriously, the prices for food are horrific! There should be a law against it.

I also finally got around to finishing my lomography fish-eye film and took it in to be developed.Watch this space!