Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Turkish Delights!

Evening! I'm back from my holiday! We got home late last night so I slept at my Dad's house and drove home this morning - stopping on the way to pick up Thomas from the in-laws. I'm sure I've only been gone a week but suddenly he looks like an adult cat! Still small enough for a cuddle though....

So, no "back from holiday" post would be complete without a few holiday snaps!

Is there anything better than a picture of a sandy beach to make you wish you were still on holiday??

Alaiye Resort and Spa Hotel

Our hotel was amazing. It definitely deserved its' 5* status. We came back one day to find some "swan" towel sculptures on our don't get that in England!

We took a couple of trips out of the hotel - one to the Managvat markets and also to Alanya - the nearest big town/city. It was in Alanya that I perfected my bartering skills and got my "Louis Vuitton" handbags!
The were about £12 each but in posts hereafter I will be just labelling them as Louis Vuitton - not "Louis Vuitton via Turkey!" Our little secret.....

As you can see, I also had to get a matching scarf and bag! I'm going to use the first bag as my everyday handbag and the second bag as my gym bag. That's how I can justify having two......I also got a Mammut fleece and a Lacoste polo shirt. I couldn't really leave without some Turkish Delight either! Luckily my boyfriend and housemate don't like it so it's mine, all mine!

Real Turkish Delight

Well, there you go. A brief run down of my holiday! I'll do a few more posts in a couple of days but unfortunately it's back to work for me tomorrow.....and the real world. Sad face!

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