Monday, 29 August 2011

10 things I will NEVER wear:

1) Socks with sandals.

I don't think I have ever seen this look and liked it. It's just a basic fashion rule that you don't wear socks and sandals.

2) Dungarees. Denim or otherwise.

Dungarees just make me think of lesbians. No offense to lesbians! And they are NOT flattering.

3) Brothel creepers.

Seriously the most ugly footwear I have ever seen. Enuff said. And with a name like that, it was never going to end well.

4) Harem pants.

It looks like you pooed in your pants then put trousers on.

5) Crocs.

Some things that are supremely comfortable (so I've heard, never tried them) are still very wrong. I would rather be uncomfortable than wear plastic shoes.

6) Jeggings. Or treggings.

It's a stupid word and they look cheap.

7) A "moo moo."

Hopefully I will never be huge enough to need a "moo moo." (If it turns the paper clear, it's good to eat!)

8) Pussycat bows.

I don't want to look like an old lady until  I am an old lady.

9) "Waterfall" cardigans.

Show me one person that looks good in this style of cardigan. Go on.

10) Double denim.

Is that Britney Spears? Shame on her. You can definitely OD on denim.

Ok, so that's my wall of shame. What would you add?

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Notes to my teenage self.

There are going to be some tough times ahead. Luckily, you will come out the other side and everything is going to be ok.
  The most important thing you will learn is: not every teenager feels like this! You are actually suffering from depression and you will get help and come out the other side as a "normal" human being. If only you had learnt this sooner, you would have enjoyed things so much more. You should have made the most of travelling around the world and being super skinny! You aren't fat and actually you will never be this slender again. So enjoy it, and wear inappropriately short skirts.
  You might want to start saving your pocket money for a nose job. You are going to develop a bump in your nose (handy for keeping your glasses on..) and you will be too busy paying a mortgage to get the op to straighten it out. You might want to think twice about getting said mortgage as the housing market is about to plummet and you will be left in debt.
  You mostly did well. You won't end up marrying your first love but you will get to walk down the aisle with him! You'll get bored of your first "real" boyfriend and end up dating 2 younger guys in rapid succession. This is a bad move and it would be "cooler" for you to remain single. You will also sink to an all time low and date a loser whilst at university. This will almost cost you your friendship with your best friend. Never believe a boy over a best friend!
  Life won't turn out the way you think. Your parents will get divorced, you won't learn Italian and move to a foreign country and by the time you are 30 you won't have a dream job in fashion. But hang in there, there's plenty of time to achieve those things. The main thing is, you end up happy. So stop worrying so much and enjoy being young.


I love Models Own

I was so excited to get my Models Own haul the other day. As I mentioned (and the whole world knows anyway) they are having a 50% off sale.
  So far I've tried the fuzzy peach nail polish with juicy jules over the top and also the peach blusher. The blusher doesn't show up much....but the powder brush feels lovely and soft.

I really like this nail polish combination but it was soooo hard to remove! Glitter is a bit of a pain.

I've also tried the pink out of the free Smash Up glazes that I won and wasn't fully convinced. I think I need to find the right shade to put it over as it is a bit opaque. I will probably end up giving the rest to you guys as I don't think I will get the use out of them!!

I now have quite a serious collection of Models Own.......check it out!

So many beautiful colours, so few nails.

Models Own haul

If you include my other nail polish brands as well, I have 32 nail polishes! Maybe a little extreme :)

Okey dokey, well I'm off now to watch Twilight and paint my nails with the Vintage Pink.

Ps Someone found my blog by typing in "Cookie monster eating bananas." Good to know.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Models Own It!

Wow, 3 posts in one day? Lucky you.

Those who follow me on Twitter will know that I have been keeping an eye on the Models Own Sale  which offers you a whopping 50% discount against everything on their website.

I'm not going to make it easy for you by sharing the discount code (I sat up clicking refresh for hours before it happened!) but you can find it by clicking "like" on their Facebook page.

The sale was supposed to go live when they hit 50,000 likes but due to a few technical problems, it only went live at 1pm today. Quite a few people were annoyed by this (including myself!) as it meant they were probably at work and didn't get much notice. Luckily for me, my lovely Mum ordered mine for me after a few hurried instructions over the phone about how to get into my account!

I'm waiting for 6 nail polishes, a blusher, a 5 piece brush set and a smokey eye set to arrive.

The reason that I couldn't really be annoyed at Models Own is that the prize I won on their competition arrived today which was pretty quick going!!

I got 6 of their Crackle Glaze nail polishes....

I'm super excited to try them out...but I won't be opening all of them as I will be finally doing a give away sometime soon. Promise!

Tangle Teezer: A Review

Classic Pink Tangle Teezer

I finally got a Tangle Teezer the other day (thanks boyfriend!) after I had been checking them out in Boots for a while.

I was a little sceptical as to whether it would work or not and thought it might make my hair greasy like a paddle brush does. However, I was totally impressed!!

It really glides through your tangles without pulling and is especially good on my wet hair. I used to use a wide tooth comb after showering which always took a while but this clears knots almost instantly and without making my hair greasy.

I would definitely recommend it. I think it would be especially good for children with long hair as it would makes the brushing process fuss free!

They cost around £10 from Boots and there are a few styles available.

Compact Tangle Teezer

I might have to invest in the compact version for my handbag.

Have you tried any of the Tangle Teezer products?

Sunny today, gone tomorrow

The weather yesterday was amazing. I even got a little bit of sunburn. Today however, was grey. Which actually was fine by me as I was at work!

To make the most of the sun yesterday, the boyfriend and I went for a pub lunch. Next door to the pub happened to be an outside pool so we dipped our feet and sat around in the sun for quite a while!

After a little splash around we went to look a the ducks at the nearby pond. I absolutely love ducks!
Hopefully one day I might even own some..

Isn't he pretty? A family near us were throwing in some variety of crisps that looked suspiciously like polystyrene...the ducks weren't impressed.

Lets hope the weather settles into some sort of pattern. Knowing how to dress at the moment is proving tricky!

Friday, 19 August 2011

I saw 2 magpies this morning....

Have you heard that old magpie rhyme? One for sorrow, two for joy etc

Well I saw 2 magpies on my way to work this morning and at 12pm I discovered that I had WON a prize in the Models Own competition. If you don't already know about it (where have you been?!) they are running competitions on Facebook every time they hit a certain number of likes. I won the runner-up prize of 5 Crackle Glaze nail polishes and I was soooooo excited! I can't wait for them to arrive......

They are also having a 50% off sale for all their facebook "likers" (likees?) in a couple of days time so I have been on their site picking out some new bits. I really NEED some make up brushes and maybe some nail polishes to add to my collection. They are the best quality I have tried and they come in some really fun colours. I think I need to add some autumn/winter colours into the mix.

You may have guessed from my mention of magpies that I am a little bit superstitious... I'm only superstitious about certain things though! If I see a lone magpie I have to salute and chant "morning mr. magpie" 3 times and "morning general" once. Totally crazy for an otherwise sane person!! I have also decided that I don't need to do this out loud because magpies will somehow be telepathic.......right.......

There are some men in white coats knocking on my door.....shall I let them in??

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Social Networking: Friend Or Foe?

Evening all. Bit of a wordy filled post this evening!

I joined Twitter last night and spent some time looking around. I then went on to all my favourite fashion blogs and clicked "follow" and was soon receiving "tweets" on my phone.

  I have to say, I find it all a bit weird. It's a bit like reading phone messages of someone you vaguely know - like someone you work with for instance... I have been following some of the "top" bloggers like Lily Melrose and Gem Fatale on their personal blogs for a while now and feel a bit like they are friends, even though I've never met them. All of a sudden I'm getting these little updates about their personal lives and watching conversations evolve between them. And it makes me want to chip in and reply! But then I remember that they have no idea who I am!

  I feel a little bit like I'm back at school. I want to join the popular crowd but I can't find a way in....I can only watch jealously from afar as they go to press events and spend endless money on all the things I want to buy.
So is it really that healthy to be following their every move?

  On the other hand however, if you can find a little way in to these "groups" such as a bloggers meet up, you could end up making lots of new friends and boosting your blogging "popularity." And it is a great feeling when someone comments on your post or you get a new follower.

  I'm really in two minds about the positive or negative sides of blogging, twitter and facebook....It certainly takes up a LOT of my time to read all the blogs I enjoy - to the point where I don't have time to actually post myself! Now I have twitter to keep an eye on as well. Oh, and I've just signed up for Fashion Finder on Asos. Add to that, Polyvore, Independent Fashion Bloggers, "like" pages on Facebook and all manner of other things that I can't even think of right now.

(OMG my laptop just ran out of batteries and didn't warn me! My whole post temporarily disappeared...Heart failure!)

What was I saying? Oh yes. So, I will keep up with all these applications but I will be secretly resenting the time they take away from "real" socialising....

Does any of this strike a chord with you?

Monday, 15 August 2011

Sometimes you just have to pay out....

Hiya. Sorry for my week long only excuse is that I have been busy at work as it is now sale season. That means the customers have been even more messy than usual!

So what have I been up to? Well....Firstly I tried to save myself some money by attempting to crochet that colour block snood (from Asos) that I showed you in my last post.
Off I went to John Lewis where there was a handy wool sale going on. One of the balls I bought was £3.50 and the other was only £1.50. I thought this was pretty good considering it was merino wool with cashmere in it.

Here it is so far...

There is an obvious problem here. The creamy beige colour has already run out and is only about 5 centimetres high. Fail. I've started crocheting the navy colour anyway......without really knowing what I'm going to do with it.

The options are:
1) Give up and order the £12 one from ASOS.
2) Buy more wool, in different colours (as the sale ones were the last ones left) and carry on. Thus costing lots of money.

Oh dear. On the bright side, my fruit tree in the garden has produced absolutely loads of plums/damsons (not sure which) so I made jam!
And it worked!

I'm going to call it "Damson in Distress." See what I did there?

Other things I have been buying are these sandals...

They aren't glamorous or fashiony but I've had these before and they were sooooo comfortable. And they were in the sale. So there.

I convinced the boyfriend to buy this book in TK Maxx for the bargain price of £7:

So watch this space for some culinary delights!

PS Why does it seem like all the bloggers I read about have moved house recently? Are they trying to rub it in? (My house is still not sold.) Humph.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

This is what was supposed to happen..

Ok, so when publishing my animated picture in the last post, I did it wrong. Ooops. Silly me for reading the "how-to" after I had already posted it. Let's give it another go....(I'm so smooth)


That's better!!

"Sprucing" up the garden

Things I have been doing today.....

Buying new plants and cutting the hedge in the garden:

Trying out the neutral and neon trend on my nails:

It didn't go overly well so I might take it off. The grey is free this month with Elle magazine and is a new favourite....the pink is an old favourite by Models Own.

If I hadn't been spending £20 of my hard earned wages on plants then I would have been ordering some of the following new season pieces:

Colour block snood £12 from Asos

Padded gilet £40 from River Island

Faux fur mittens £13 from River Island

Tan leather bag £40 from River Island

A girl can dream......As I've said before, I adore winter clothing. I'm a sucker for coats and hats and clothes and tacky fake fur collars! Give me layers over a summer dress any day.
The big question is: will anyone still be wearing Uggs this year? Yes, they're super comfy and practical, but are they "over"?
Answers on a postcard.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I designed this at

I designed this at

D.I.Y - design it yourself...

Slightly dull day today until I discovered this: you can design you own Converse trainers and they don't cost much more than ready made ones!

The choice of colours and designs is nearly endless...I just made these ones, above. Super cute huh?
This style would only cost £55. I can see that this website is going to waste a whole lot of my time!!

Feel free to copy some of my designs if you like them...I don't mind :)

The only downside that I can see is that it takes 3-4 weeks for them to arrive. But good things come to those who wait!!

In other news, I have put a link at the side of this page so that you can nominate my blog for the Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards if you are feeling kind!! The more nominations that you have, the more chance you have of getting shortlisted. And I would be so excited to win something....anything!!!

Ps Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my promise of a giveaway...I'm getting around to it....

PPS I have just previewed this and the pictures don't seem to be on there....maybe they won't let you copy them. How mean....I hope they do appear...