Sunday, 7 August 2011

"Sprucing" up the garden

Things I have been doing today.....

Buying new plants and cutting the hedge in the garden:

Trying out the neutral and neon trend on my nails:

It didn't go overly well so I might take it off. The grey is free this month with Elle magazine and is a new favourite....the pink is an old favourite by Models Own.

If I hadn't been spending £20 of my hard earned wages on plants then I would have been ordering some of the following new season pieces:

Colour block snood £12 from Asos

Padded gilet £40 from River Island

Faux fur mittens £13 from River Island

Tan leather bag £40 from River Island

A girl can dream......As I've said before, I adore winter clothing. I'm a sucker for coats and hats and clothes and tacky fake fur collars! Give me layers over a summer dress any day.
The big question is: will anyone still be wearing Uggs this year? Yes, they're super comfy and practical, but are they "over"?
Answers on a postcard.

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