Tuesday, 27 September 2011

5 things I didn't know about pregnancy:

1) That I would completely go off drinking tea.
2) That I would feel so nauseous that I considered calling the whole thing off.
3) How quickly my boobs would get bigger. This is not a plus.
4) How terrifying it can be to have to consider "the future."
5) That I could be hungry, but not want to eat anything.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

That changes everything....

Howdy. So I haven't written for a few days and I haven't done a give away and I haven't posted about the lovely blog award that Fashion Mr Paul sent me. And I'm not at London Fashion Week watching shows with Gem Fatale and Llymlrs or posting about September's Glossy Box.

  But ~I have a valid excuse, I promise! Last week, when I was staying at my mum's house, I found out that I'M PREGNANT. Der der der!!!!!!!!
  It was a bit of a surprise to be honest. Since then I have been feeling incredibly sick, I have back ache, I can only sleep on one side and my clothes are starting to get uncomfortable. So far, so good then.

  I'm a bit miffed that I can't wear any lovely new season clothes. I've already checked out the Topshop website and found some ok maternity clothes! They still make skinny jeans for whales and even a nice lace dress.

What else can I say really? From here on in, it might all be whinging and "bump watch." Feel free to tune out and feel cheated that this is no longer a fashion blog! I'll try my best but I'm not promising anything - I've heard bad things about maternity clothing!

So there you go.....

Monday, 12 September 2011

My week in pictures

Afternoon! Well, I can't say that I have been doing a whole lot up here in Wales.....lots of sitting and napping!

My outfits haven't been particularly inspired either. This is the only outfit pic I have taken and I'm not even that happy with it!

As I said, not exactly ground breaking.....

On Sunday, we went to the Bangor flea market:

It's a big warehouse that holds a car boot sale every weekend. I didn't find anything to buy this time (luckily, as my bank balance is low) but I nearly bought a coffee set that looked like this:

There was a small chip in one of the cups and I wasn't keen on the green saucers. Oh. and I have nowhere to put it!

We also went to Cheshire Oaks designer outlet village. The shops there are ok but nothing special. There weren't many bags to choose from in the Mulberry shop and the ones I did like were around £400.

I did however, buy these boots from Dune:

Yet another terrible picture (it's just not happening this week!)  They were £60 down from £130 which I thought was pretty good for leather boots. My old boots have come to the end of their life.

Also this week, I have been persuaded to play Scrabble (and lost) with my mum and step dad:

They play regularly and cheat by using lots of 2 letter words!

I have also been admiring my Danish Teak rocking chair that I got at the aforementioned flea market last year.

We covered it in some Ikea fabric but we're now thinking it needs a smaller pattern. It will have to stay in Wales for a while anyway, as I still have nowhere to put it. That seems to be becoming a theme.....

Long drive back to Southampton tomorrow (groan.) And then back to work on Thursday. Sigh.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

A windy day in Wales...

Hey everyone!

I'm in Wales at the moment visiting my mum so I might be a bit lazy on the blog posts this week. It's not that I don't have my laptop, camera and the Internet but I seem to still be a bit tired from the long drive up (5 hours - speeding all the way.)

Me and the mum went to Bangor for a bit of shopping and I bought this cardigan:

Red Herring £25.40

They have a 20% off sale on at the moment in Debenhams so it was only £25. There were only 2 left so I ended up buying a size 14! There is no way it would fit a size 14 woman though.
  I'm going to be channeling "English Heritage" for the winter season. Think wax jackets, Aran knits and scarves! And maybe some nice riding boots.

I also tried on this cape expecting it to look silly (as I'm only 5") but actually really love it. Shame it's £40.

Aztec print cape- River Island.

I found a similar one in TK Maxx that was only £16.99 but it wasn't such a good colour....

In other news, I was given a blog award! I will post about it when I have a bit more energy :)

I would love to be at Fashion's Night Out in London this evening but I'm happy enough to read the posts of the bigger bloggers to see what I'm missing. Did you go?

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Time to layer

Deer print scarf £4 from Primark

Evening! Now that it's supposedly autumn, I can turn my attentions to some of my favourite things. Scarves and gloves and woolly hats.....

I'm having a bit of a tough week in my personal life so I decided I should treat myself to this scarf from Primark. It's really big and comfy and has Bambi's printed all over it. What more could a girl want?

I'm also wearing a Primark skirt and a Zara cardigan. I was trying to make my fringe into a quiff but it was a bit of a fail. I also spilt bolognese sauce on the white skirt at lunch time. Double fail.

This afternoon, I went to see The Inbetweeners movie which was hilarious as expected. I got 40% off my cinema ticket with Voucher Cloud which was a bit of a bonus.

I got a little box through the post this morning......if you click "like" on the Burberry facebook page at the moment and give them your address, they send you a free sample of their new perfume: Body.
  It smells lovely and the bottle is a good handbag size - it's 15ml.

Burberry Body free sample

If I needed a new perfume, which unfortunately I don't.....I would be tempted to buy this. It's not my usual style but hey, it's nice to mix things up a little.

I've been experimenting with my new Models Own nail polishes. Vintage Pink is one of my new favourites - very sophisticated and grown up. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo!

But I currently have on "Champagne" which I also love. It's like melted silver and diamonds. I thought it would be a bit more gold but it's definitely more silver based. Here it is in action:

Models Own Champagne

I think it would be quite a good "night out" polish. I've been having a few issues with my camera recently. It keeps making everything blurry. Maybe I will scout around for a new one for my birthday in November...

Any camera suggestions? It needs to be compact and portable...