Monday, 12 September 2011

My week in pictures

Afternoon! Well, I can't say that I have been doing a whole lot up here in Wales.....lots of sitting and napping!

My outfits haven't been particularly inspired either. This is the only outfit pic I have taken and I'm not even that happy with it!

As I said, not exactly ground breaking.....

On Sunday, we went to the Bangor flea market:

It's a big warehouse that holds a car boot sale every weekend. I didn't find anything to buy this time (luckily, as my bank balance is low) but I nearly bought a coffee set that looked like this:

There was a small chip in one of the cups and I wasn't keen on the green saucers. Oh. and I have nowhere to put it!

We also went to Cheshire Oaks designer outlet village. The shops there are ok but nothing special. There weren't many bags to choose from in the Mulberry shop and the ones I did like were around £400.

I did however, buy these boots from Dune:

Yet another terrible picture (it's just not happening this week!)  They were £60 down from £130 which I thought was pretty good for leather boots. My old boots have come to the end of their life.

Also this week, I have been persuaded to play Scrabble (and lost) with my mum and step dad:

They play regularly and cheat by using lots of 2 letter words!

I have also been admiring my Danish Teak rocking chair that I got at the aforementioned flea market last year.

We covered it in some Ikea fabric but we're now thinking it needs a smaller pattern. It will have to stay in Wales for a while anyway, as I still have nowhere to put it. That seems to be becoming a theme.....

Long drive back to Southampton tomorrow (groan.) And then back to work on Thursday. Sigh.

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Jewellery Bijou said...

I love your outfit!have a lovely day!