Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Making an effort!

Hiya, so it's obvious that I've been a bit down on my appearence recently so I decided to make a bit more effort today. That means a bit more make-up and some high heels. It's funny how the little things make such a difference!

Dress and parka from Primark, shoes from Dune
Yep, I think I can cope with this picture!!! Defnitely need a bit more of a tan though!

I spent the day tidying up the house for a viewing tomorrow and then going into town to try and get THAT jacket from Fat Face. They have taken my name and phone number and have said they will call me when they ship off the sale stock from out the back. (They didn't want to look through 30 bags of stock just for me!)
Fingers crossed....

I also went into Gap to check out the sale....and ended up buying a top and shorts. I loved the fact that I could get into a size 8 in there!! The pics aren't great....the shorts look like charcoal silk which you can't really tell from this.

Super atrocious picture taking. I'll try and post a pic of me actually wearing this outfit soon.
The shorts were £6.99 down from £30 and the top was £6.99 down from £15. Bargain!

I also tried to buy something with my credit note in New Look as they also have a sale on but their sizing is just ridiculous. I tried on a size 12 skirt that was just too tight. I'm really not loving New Look at the moment. The clothes look quite cheap but are reasonably expensive and the fit is just awful. Fail New Look!

River Island are apparently going into sale instore this evening which is a pain as I'm not off work now til Monday!

In other news, on Saturday nigth I will be going out for my best mates 30th birthday and the theme is Jurassic Park! I have an outfit planned based loosely around being a safari you are dying to see that one...

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Festival summer days

Wanted! Have you seen this jacket?

I NEED NEED NEED this jacket that I didn't buy in Fat face.

Fat Face jacket

Fat Face jacket (see more hooded jackets)

It went down to £35 in the sale but I was poor at the time and couldn't buy it :(  

I have since decided that this jacket is the answer to all my problems. So, I emailed the Fat Face customer services and they told me there are 2 size tens in Southampton. Then I got my boyfriend to ring them and they said they didn't have it or it was being sent somewhere else or something....

Now do I go in to the store tomorrow and ask again? What to do, what to do???

If you have this jacket, sell it to me now!!! I need it in my life!!!

Monday, 27 June 2011

The dreaded "d" word

As you may have noticed recently, I have been whining about my weight! I'm finding it really tough to eat healthily and maintain the exercise :(

  The scales are showing no signs of a weight reduction but I'm going to stick at it as I do not want to be an "unhealthy" size. By this I mean that I do not want my stomach to be out of proportion to the rest of me!
I decided the best way to "diet" was to cut out some of the slightly crappier foods from my daily intake and replace them with more fruit.

  I thought people would be a little bit more boss at work told me I was eating the wrong things still (white rolls instead of brown etc) and then proceeded to buy donuts for the staff! How mean? My boyfriend and ex-boyfriend have just made themselves toast (it's quarter to ten at night) and now the whole room smells like fresh bread! Torture!!!!!!!

So for all you other girlies out there fighting for your fitness, here is some inspiration!

I feel your pain Homer!

It's what's on the inside that counts!

If the cookie monster can do it, anyone can......

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Devon days

So, this is where I spent my holiday.....Brixham in Devon. We stayed on a holiday park which was a little basic but luckily very cheap!

We spent some time walking along the South West Coast Path....

We didn't plan our walk very well - we didn't take any food or water as I wrongly assumed there might be some tearooms on the way! Fail. Five hours later, we were pretty hungry!

We also walked down to the beach nearby but the weather was not really good enough for a "beach day."

You might notice that I'm not in many of these pictures....that's because I'm currently on a diet and don't really feel like I looked that great in any of the pics I took!

We spent one of the days at Paignton Zoo which I highly recommend. It's only about £12 each and a lovely place to visit. One of the peacocks put on a display for me!

You can see why that impresses the lady peacocks!

 We also went for a day out in Torbay. It's quite a nice little place and I was relieved to find some high street shops to wander around, including a little boutique stocking Mulberry handbags....I couldn't afford one unfortunately :(


On the whole, I thought Devon was a beautiful place but I don't think I could live there as the traffic was awful and there weren't many shops!

I am in a couple of pictures...

Not great but hey. They prove I was there!

Time to throw in an arty shot....

In other news, I finished making the phone cover from the first issue of "Mollie Makes:"

I love it. Makes a change from the bright orange, rubbery thing I had covering my phone...

And lastly, whilst I was shopping in John Lewis with my gran, I was coerced into receiving a free sample of foundation from Clinique. I liked it so much that I used my gift voucher to buy the full size version and got a free sample of the moisturiser instead!

The coverage is much better than the 17 foundation I was using.

Oh, I forgot! I didn't tell you about my day at the gym did I? It was actually quite good fun. We played around on the machines, doing some running, cycling and rowing. Then we were able to get in to a yoga class which was interesting....
   I thought it would be reasonably easy as I am a "yoga master" on the wii fit but it was actually quite hard! I tried not to giggle at the chanting......I have concluded that yoga is best suited to hippies. Sorry.
  Then we went for a swim and into the sauna and steam room. They rang me today to ask if I wanted to join as a member......Unfortunately there is no way I can commit to £30 a month for a year so I have been going for a jog in the evenings instead.....
I'll be thin in no time......Watch this space!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hello again!

Hiya! I've been a little bit absent recently, haven't I? Did you miss me? :)
The reasons are as follows:

1) I've been putting on a lot of weight so I have been forced by my body to do crazy things like a free days gym membership and jogging. This means that I have a whole lot less time on my hands!

2) I did a shopfit and then went on holiday for the best part of a week to Devon. And since then I've been jogging/lazy.

That probably is the only reasons. I don't even have time to blog now! I promise to bore you on Saturday with my holiday snaps and my review of the free gym day. See ya soon! xxx

Saturday, 18 June 2011

I love your style...

Do you ever see something that is totally you? Gem Fatale has posted a link to the AW lookbook for Topshop where I found these beautiful, seventies style outfits:

Well, that's my autumn/ winter wardrobe sorted.......I always love the new season clothes :)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Mollie Magazine - Issue 2

I did something naughty the other day......I bought the second issue of that lovely magazine that I blogged about - Mollie Makes. Kind of a lame title though!

I accidentally labelled my uploaded pictures as "Millie Makes" which actually might have been better!

Free with this months issue is a felt kit for making a felt flower....

This one will have to wait though whilst I finish the project from the first issue - a felt phone cover. Here is my work in progress:

I found it a little annoying that the shapes weren't pre-cut so I had to work out how to transfer the pattern on to the felt. Also, the yellow strip which is under the grey scalloping should be cream but weirdly, there wasn't enough cream felt to do this. Anywayz.....I also now need to find out how to do the blanket stitching around the edge as there are no instructions for that.
The projects are definitely aimed at someone who already does a lot of crafting. Which is ok by me I suppose!

So that's what I will be doing with my day. And packing for my trip to Devon tomorrow. Hope it stops raining soon!

Rain, Rain, go away.....Come again next Saturday! (When I will be back at work - boo hiss!)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Over at Uniqlo

Hiya! What am I doing with my Saturday evening? Well, I'm about to watch Casualty of course! (I'm so rock and roll...)
  But whilst I was waiting, I looked through a few blogs and somehow came across the t-shirt collaborations at Uniqlo. They're super cheap (£12.99 each) and there are quite a few designs to choose from.

I think my favourite is this Mickey Mouse t-shirt that has a Liberty-esque vibe:

I want!!! I also like this Cacharel Vintage Edition one...

The print is adorable. Not sure what the style would look like on though. I hate ordering clothes online.

These designs are coming out on the 25th of June from what I can gather...

I'm liking the Karl Lagerfield one  :)

This one is £6.99 in the sale....

Cute print...not sure I would actually wear it though!

Will I actually order any of them? Probably not. But I like to think that I would. If you do get one, let me know!!!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Whilst you were sleeping...

So, I'm back from London and I thought you might like to know what I've been up to. You don't want to know? Well, why are you here then?! Go away.

I don't remember if I have already posted this picture of me modeling my lovely Mulberry Ledbury? Oh well, you can never ever have too much Mulberry. (It's my 30th birthday in November....Mulberry please.)

Well, what have I been up to then? If you wonder what it is that I do for a job then these pictures might sum it up.....

Ideally, I would like to claim that I am a visual merchandiser but that currently would be a lie. I'm a shop assistant who used to be a visual merchandiser and takes any opportunity to do it when I can! (My store already has a VM so I go on shopfits instead to do some VM-ing!) 

Above is a couple of displays I created whilst in London. I had a great time - it was a bit like a holiday except for the very early starts! I didn't have to cook or clean up at all for 10 days as we stayed in the Premier Inn!
  I had a free Oyster card to travel around London with so I took some time on my day off to go to Oxford Street. I went to Liberty's, Selfridge's and Topshop and a whole lot more along the way!
The best shop windows and displays are always in London.....

Chanel at Selfridges - always a favourite!


I quite like the way that my window pictures have the reflections on them.....that was a happy accident :)

Festival fashion on drugs at Topshop

The VM's at Topshop must have so much fun....this is almost more like set design..
And finally, the beautiful Liberty's:

I can't believe I had never been on the haberdashery floor before.....truly beautiful. Check it out if you love buttons, ribbon and crafts.

What else have I been up to? I dyed my hair again....this time it's auburn and the colour was on sale!

I picked it because it should have been quick (and therefore easy?) but I totally would not recommend it as it dripped EVERYWHERE and is the messiest dye I have ever used. Which is a shame because the colour is nice. I'll show you when my hair is clean!

I've been enjoying the peace and quiet day and having a relaxing day on my own. I picked some beautiful roses from my own garden...they smell divine!

Summer is finally coming....!

I also did something that I shouldn't have done......I went to the magazine section in Sainburys and bought this new magazine!! (It was £5 - ouch. But I needed it, I swear!)

It has a beautiful design and is full of things I love! See, totally justified.

That looks a bit like my chair!

I think I may have to subscribe to this......

The reason I shouldn't have bought it is that I have just booked a mini holiday to Devon with the boyfriend for next week......Yay!

Anywayz, more on that next time as this has turned into a super long post and I bet you're all bored. XX

Ps Mum, don't tell me off!