Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Whilst you were sleeping...

So, I'm back from London and I thought you might like to know what I've been up to. You don't want to know? Well, why are you here then?! Go away.

I don't remember if I have already posted this picture of me modeling my lovely Mulberry Ledbury? Oh well, you can never ever have too much Mulberry. (It's my 30th birthday in November....Mulberry please.)

Well, what have I been up to then? If you wonder what it is that I do for a job then these pictures might sum it up.....

Ideally, I would like to claim that I am a visual merchandiser but that currently would be a lie. I'm a shop assistant who used to be a visual merchandiser and takes any opportunity to do it when I can! (My store already has a VM so I go on shopfits instead to do some VM-ing!) 

Above is a couple of displays I created whilst in London. I had a great time - it was a bit like a holiday except for the very early starts! I didn't have to cook or clean up at all for 10 days as we stayed in the Premier Inn!
  I had a free Oyster card to travel around London with so I took some time on my day off to go to Oxford Street. I went to Liberty's, Selfridge's and Topshop and a whole lot more along the way!
The best shop windows and displays are always in London.....

Chanel at Selfridges - always a favourite!


I quite like the way that my window pictures have the reflections on them.....that was a happy accident :)

Festival fashion on drugs at Topshop

The VM's at Topshop must have so much fun....this is almost more like set design..
And finally, the beautiful Liberty's:

I can't believe I had never been on the haberdashery floor before.....truly beautiful. Check it out if you love buttons, ribbon and crafts.

What else have I been up to? I dyed my hair again....this time it's auburn and the colour was on sale!

I picked it because it should have been quick (and therefore easy?) but I totally would not recommend it as it dripped EVERYWHERE and is the messiest dye I have ever used. Which is a shame because the colour is nice. I'll show you when my hair is clean!

I've been enjoying the peace and quiet day and having a relaxing day on my own. I picked some beautiful roses from my own garden...they smell divine!

Summer is finally coming....!

I also did something that I shouldn't have done......I went to the magazine section in Sainburys and bought this new magazine!! (It was £5 - ouch. But I needed it, I swear!)

It has a beautiful design and is full of things I love! See, totally justified.

That looks a bit like my chair!

I think I may have to subscribe to this......

The reason I shouldn't have bought it is that I have just booked a mini holiday to Devon with the boyfriend for next week......Yay!

Anywayz, more on that next time as this has turned into a super long post and I bet you're all bored. XX

Ps Mum, don't tell me off!

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Nail Daze said...

Aww i soo want that magazine! Just added it to my shopping list :) xXx