Saturday, 11 June 2011

Over at Uniqlo

Hiya! What am I doing with my Saturday evening? Well, I'm about to watch Casualty of course! (I'm so rock and roll...)
  But whilst I was waiting, I looked through a few blogs and somehow came across the t-shirt collaborations at Uniqlo. They're super cheap (£12.99 each) and there are quite a few designs to choose from.

I think my favourite is this Mickey Mouse t-shirt that has a Liberty-esque vibe:

I want!!! I also like this Cacharel Vintage Edition one...

The print is adorable. Not sure what the style would look like on though. I hate ordering clothes online.

These designs are coming out on the 25th of June from what I can gather...

I'm liking the Karl Lagerfield one  :)

This one is £6.99 in the sale....

Cute print...not sure I would actually wear it though!

Will I actually order any of them? Probably not. But I like to think that I would. If you do get one, let me know!!!

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