Saturday, 25 June 2011

Devon days

So, this is where I spent my holiday.....Brixham in Devon. We stayed on a holiday park which was a little basic but luckily very cheap!

We spent some time walking along the South West Coast Path....

We didn't plan our walk very well - we didn't take any food or water as I wrongly assumed there might be some tearooms on the way! Fail. Five hours later, we were pretty hungry!

We also walked down to the beach nearby but the weather was not really good enough for a "beach day."

You might notice that I'm not in many of these pictures....that's because I'm currently on a diet and don't really feel like I looked that great in any of the pics I took!

We spent one of the days at Paignton Zoo which I highly recommend. It's only about £12 each and a lovely place to visit. One of the peacocks put on a display for me!

You can see why that impresses the lady peacocks!

 We also went for a day out in Torbay. It's quite a nice little place and I was relieved to find some high street shops to wander around, including a little boutique stocking Mulberry handbags....I couldn't afford one unfortunately :(


On the whole, I thought Devon was a beautiful place but I don't think I could live there as the traffic was awful and there weren't many shops!

I am in a couple of pictures...

Not great but hey. They prove I was there!

Time to throw in an arty shot....

In other news, I finished making the phone cover from the first issue of "Mollie Makes:"

I love it. Makes a change from the bright orange, rubbery thing I had covering my phone...

And lastly, whilst I was shopping in John Lewis with my gran, I was coerced into receiving a free sample of foundation from Clinique. I liked it so much that I used my gift voucher to buy the full size version and got a free sample of the moisturiser instead!

The coverage is much better than the 17 foundation I was using.

Oh, I forgot! I didn't tell you about my day at the gym did I? It was actually quite good fun. We played around on the machines, doing some running, cycling and rowing. Then we were able to get in to a yoga class which was interesting....
   I thought it would be reasonably easy as I am a "yoga master" on the wii fit but it was actually quite hard! I tried not to giggle at the chanting......I have concluded that yoga is best suited to hippies. Sorry.
  Then we went for a swim and into the sauna and steam room. They rang me today to ask if I wanted to join as a member......Unfortunately there is no way I can commit to £30 a month for a year so I have been going for a jog in the evenings instead.....
I'll be thin in no time......Watch this space!

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