Thursday, 14 November 2013

The "Doing It In Style" baby and wedding!

Hi! So I know I said I wouldn't be gone long......and then 2 months went past. My bad.

But I'm back now and I'll let you know what's been going on in the easiest way - photos!

"Bump" has been growing steadily. He's 29 and a half weeks old today and he moves a lot! I'm starting to get quite uncomfortable and I've still got ten weeks to go. I'm due to finish work on the 31st of December so I can start the new year focusing on the little one.

We went for a 4d private scan at 28 weeks which was AMAZING! He is so cute :)  
He had his arms and legs in front of his face and wouldn't move even after a walk around so we get to go again next week for a free re-scan. It's my birthday next week so I have some time off. I can't wait to see him again! We have picked out names for him but we're keeping it all hush hush....

Oh, and I also got married! My wedding day was absolutely perfect and we had a great honeymoon in Corfu. This is one of my favourite pictures of the two of us:

Our photographer Kimberley Garrod was simply amazing. We love her.

Being married feels good. I wouldn't say anything much has changed except that I feel even more lucky to have found someone to spend my life with.

We can't wait to see our little this space and I may even come back at some point! (But this time, I'm not promising anything!)