Sunday, 28 August 2011

I love Models Own

I was so excited to get my Models Own haul the other day. As I mentioned (and the whole world knows anyway) they are having a 50% off sale.
  So far I've tried the fuzzy peach nail polish with juicy jules over the top and also the peach blusher. The blusher doesn't show up much....but the powder brush feels lovely and soft.

I really like this nail polish combination but it was soooo hard to remove! Glitter is a bit of a pain.

I've also tried the pink out of the free Smash Up glazes that I won and wasn't fully convinced. I think I need to find the right shade to put it over as it is a bit opaque. I will probably end up giving the rest to you guys as I don't think I will get the use out of them!!

I now have quite a serious collection of Models Own.......check it out!

So many beautiful colours, so few nails.

Models Own haul

If you include my other nail polish brands as well, I have 32 nail polishes! Maybe a little extreme :)

Okey dokey, well I'm off now to watch Twilight and paint my nails with the Vintage Pink.

Ps Someone found my blog by typing in "Cookie monster eating bananas." Good to know.

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Gem Fatale said...

Wowee, look at that collection! I thought I was bad!
Here's a tutorial I did to make removing glitter polish easier: