Monday, 15 August 2011

Sometimes you just have to pay out....

Hiya. Sorry for my week long only excuse is that I have been busy at work as it is now sale season. That means the customers have been even more messy than usual!

So what have I been up to? Well....Firstly I tried to save myself some money by attempting to crochet that colour block snood (from Asos) that I showed you in my last post.
Off I went to John Lewis where there was a handy wool sale going on. One of the balls I bought was £3.50 and the other was only £1.50. I thought this was pretty good considering it was merino wool with cashmere in it.

Here it is so far...

There is an obvious problem here. The creamy beige colour has already run out and is only about 5 centimetres high. Fail. I've started crocheting the navy colour anyway......without really knowing what I'm going to do with it.

The options are:
1) Give up and order the £12 one from ASOS.
2) Buy more wool, in different colours (as the sale ones were the last ones left) and carry on. Thus costing lots of money.

Oh dear. On the bright side, my fruit tree in the garden has produced absolutely loads of plums/damsons (not sure which) so I made jam!
And it worked!

I'm going to call it "Damson in Distress." See what I did there?

Other things I have been buying are these sandals...

They aren't glamorous or fashiony but I've had these before and they were sooooo comfortable. And they were in the sale. So there.

I convinced the boyfriend to buy this book in TK Maxx for the bargain price of £7:

So watch this space for some culinary delights!

PS Why does it seem like all the bloggers I read about have moved house recently? Are they trying to rub it in? (My house is still not sold.) Humph.

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Hayley said...

Merrel sandals! I work in Millets and they've been really popular haha :)
I've only moved house because I'm a student, I wish I actually owned a house! :) x