Sunday, 12 June 2011

Mollie Magazine - Issue 2

I did something naughty the other day......I bought the second issue of that lovely magazine that I blogged about - Mollie Makes. Kind of a lame title though!

I accidentally labelled my uploaded pictures as "Millie Makes" which actually might have been better!

Free with this months issue is a felt kit for making a felt flower....

This one will have to wait though whilst I finish the project from the first issue - a felt phone cover. Here is my work in progress:

I found it a little annoying that the shapes weren't pre-cut so I had to work out how to transfer the pattern on to the felt. Also, the yellow strip which is under the grey scalloping should be cream but weirdly, there wasn't enough cream felt to do this. Anywayz.....I also now need to find out how to do the blanket stitching around the edge as there are no instructions for that.
The projects are definitely aimed at someone who already does a lot of crafting. Which is ok by me I suppose!

So that's what I will be doing with my day. And packing for my trip to Devon tomorrow. Hope it stops raining soon!

Rain, Rain, go away.....Come again next Saturday! (When I will be back at work - boo hiss!)

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Nail Daze said...

Oh no! I still haven't got the 1st issue :(...i've just subscribed to issues 3, 4 and 5 from for only a fiver but will have to hunt for the 1st two issues i think :( xXx