Saturday, 17 September 2011

That changes everything....

Howdy. So I haven't written for a few days and I haven't done a give away and I haven't posted about the lovely blog award that Fashion Mr Paul sent me. And I'm not at London Fashion Week watching shows with Gem Fatale and Llymlrs or posting about September's Glossy Box.

  But ~I have a valid excuse, I promise! Last week, when I was staying at my mum's house, I found out that I'M PREGNANT. Der der der!!!!!!!!
  It was a bit of a surprise to be honest. Since then I have been feeling incredibly sick, I have back ache, I can only sleep on one side and my clothes are starting to get uncomfortable. So far, so good then.

  I'm a bit miffed that I can't wear any lovely new season clothes. I've already checked out the Topshop website and found some ok maternity clothes! They still make skinny jeans for whales and even a nice lace dress.

What else can I say really? From here on in, it might all be whinging and "bump watch." Feel free to tune out and feel cheated that this is no longer a fashion blog! I'll try my best but I'm not promising anything - I've heard bad things about maternity clothing!

So there you go.....

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