Friday, 19 November 2010

Off for the weekend!

Yay! Work is finished for the week and I now have 4 whole days off! On Sunday and Monday I'm going to London for some shopping therapy and Tuesday is my birthday. Good times.
I'm excited to notice that someone in Belgium has viewed my blog. I have international appeal! Can't imagine how they managed to stumble across my blog...
Well, as I have been at work this week and therefore wearing a rather unattractive uniform, I have no pics of my outfits to post so I'll go with some pics of new clothes that have appeared on my favourite fashion websites. Here goes:
First up is a lovely looking scarf on the Topshop website:

UGG Chestnut Eternity Sheepskin Knit Scarf £70

Ok, so it's a little pricey, but it looks soooo comfy! What else can I find?

Wing clamp £12.50

Also from Topshop is this Wing shaped bracelet. Well, I assume it's a bracelet...

New this week at Zara is this super cute suitcase:

Suitcase £69.99

Hard to tell how big it is from the website picture and unfortunately it's not leather but that means my vegan friends can buy it too!

That's about all for now. More to follow when I get back from London! x

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