Tuesday, 13 December 2011

ChRiStMaS DiY - TrEaT JaRs !!!

Hi everyone! So you might be still struggling to come up with some last minute Christmas gifts and starting to panic.....well, fear not. Here is another relatively cheap DIY gift that you can give to anyone with a sweet tooth.

What you need:

Clean, empty, glass jars.
Lots of sweets (different varieties)
Fabric and ribbon to decorate the lid.
Optional - stickers or Christmas ornaments to decorate the jar.

What to do:
1) Clean out your glass jars if you are recycling them.
2) Fill with sweets. Mix them up into different layers so it looks like you have variety.
3) Try not to eat too many!
4) Screw the lid on and place a circle of bright fabric on top of the lid. Fasten with some coordinating ribbon.
5) Decorate your jar with stickers or the name of the person you are giving it to. Or tie a Christmas ornament into the ribbon.

Buy lots of sweets!

Clean your glass jars.

Fill with sweets.

Find some scraps of fabric and ribbon.

Decorate with a Christmas ornament!

Simples! Anyone could do this! And the whole thing comes in under £5 if you are super thrifty. Enjoy xx

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