Saturday, 22 June 2013

Snapshot Brighton

On Wednesday, we went to Brighton. We were blessed with some gorgeous weather (which makes a change) and had a particularly lovely day.

I put on my heart shaped sunnies:

And we jumped on the train! When we got to Brighton, we were slightly shocked by the overflowing dustbins along the streets - seems like the binmen (refuse collectors?) had gone on strike! Little bit off putting - especially on a hot day.....

But we didn't let that deter us. We made straight for Nando's and had an awesome lunch - and got our ninth stamp on our loyalty card! (That means next time we go we get a free whole chicken!)

Nando's corn is to die for....
Then we hit the shops (but didn't buy anything.) Well, actually I ended up buying my wedding ring as I found one I absolutely loved! We went for a walk along the pier, played the 10p machines and gawked at how expensive the fun fair rides are at the end of the pier!

You can see this ride in the first photo, at the end of the pier. How high?!!
After all the fun and games, we went to a cute looking café called Cream where I had a pretty good cream tea. The scone was a little bit dry and crumbly but the clotted cream and homemade jam made up for it :)

It took a bit longer to get home on the train - by then I was pretty exhausted. All in all, a great day by the seaside!

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