Sunday, 5 December 2010

Nailed It!

Well, I still have no heating but I'm feeling a bit warmer today and have been a bit more productive. I've been experimenting with my new Models Own nail polishes that my mum sent me for my birthday! I was so excited when I opened the box and found that along with the 2010 nail colours collection, she had order me the pink lip balm, the lip and cheek tint and the mascara. All beautifully wrapped in tissue paper!

2010 Xmas Gift Set L-R: Beth's Blue, Nude Beige, Purple Grey, Jade Stone, Lilac Dream and Pastel Pink

Here's the Pastel Pink in action:

My camera would rather focus on the carpet....When I first got them, I painted each nail in a different colour but forgot to take a photo! The pink requires 2 coats unlike most of the others I tried but I usually do 2 coats anyway.
Here are the other bits I got:

Lip and cheek tint, Ballet Pink lip balm and Black Mascara
 The lip balm is the yummiest thing I've ever tasted and leaves a nice, pale pink shimmer on your lips. The mascara is non clumpy but slightly harder to remove than my usual and the lip and cheek tint is a good, natural
colour for winter. Here's the rest of my Models Own collection:

As before but the 3 on the end are Gun Grey, Green Grace and Feeling Blue

I decided that the pink on my nails was a little too summery for this time of year so I tried out my new Barry M crackle glaze nail polish and was pretty impressed! It says not to overlap it which is near impossible but I found it worked quite well by just glooping it on!

Models Own Pastel Pink with a top layer of Barry M crackle glaze   

And finally a couple of pics of my garden in the snow!

That's some pretty thick snow! Surprisingly it made the house feel a little bit warmer! Until next time...

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