Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Xmas Crafting!

Been a bit busy the last few days with working and Christmas present buying. The only present I have made myself this year is for my baby sister, Chiara. As I had bought the iron on Sukie transfers I decided to make her some personalised sleep suits. And here they are:

It wasnt' too hard to do with a little practice....the small letters on the white one didn't work too well as there wasn't much paper to get hold of when you are pulling the backing off. All in all, I was impressed and am now planning to decorate all sorts of t-shirts and things!

Christmas has just about arrived in our house with the tree going up. It's lovely and tacky and crafty with felt decorations from Accessorize and some collected ornaments such as our Disney Mickey Mouse ears from Disneyland Paris.

A week or so ago when it was snowing, I treated myself to a new hat. It's actually a kids hat (small head!) by Barts and I bought it at work on discount. Cute? I thought so...

You can just about see the collar of my aviator jacket! Cosy. The rest of the week will be spent preparing for the work Xmas party. Photos to follow....if they are suitable for viewing!

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