Monday, 21 November 2011

Vegan Mulberry Handbag Cake!

Well, it's finally the week of my birthday and celebrating has already started!!

My lovely friend Hannah made me the MOST amazing birthday cake. I requested a Mulberry handbag flavoured with chocolate and peanut butter and boy, did she deliver!

Hannah Banana Bakery Vegan Mulberry Handbag cake.

Mulberry Barnaby Leather Holdall Handbag Tan
Here's the picture she copied!
  How epic is that??

Stitching detail

From the side
There are a few marks on the side there where I took it out of the box..

It has some yummy tasting icing and chocolate cake inside:

Super tasty. Luckily, the boys don't like peanut butter so I have to try and eat the whole cake myself. What a shame....
Hannah even iced the board:

This is actually the second birthday cake I've had as my lovely friend Natalie (nickname Geoffrey) from work made me a strawberry and cream filled sponge cake.
Unfortunately, the vultures at work ate it before I could take a picture!

It looked a bit like this:

Classic strawberry sponge cake

Again, super tasty! Thank you lovely ladies!!!

P.s You can find the Hannah Banana Bakery online here

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