Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Got a Spring in my step

Hello! Remember me? Glad you're still out there listening!

I've been working a lot recently and having headaches on my days off so there haven't been many outfits to speak of......
So, here's my (2) weeks in photos:

Dress - Primark (old) Cardigan - Zara (old)

Dress - New Look, Cardigan - Zara

The dress above is a new one I bought for my holiday. Yes, that's right. A holiday! I'm going to Turkey for a week in exactly 3 weeks time. Can't wait.
As I haven't posted for a while, the next 2 pictures are from Valentines Day!

Watch by Swatch
Bear I bought for my boyfriend!
And more holiday clothing...

Swimsuits from Accessorize and New Look (I've taken these back already)

Dress from Holister

Tankini from Primark

So, there's my holiday wardrobe so far....I haven't tried on the tankini yet so that might still be going back!
I'll have to check the rest of my wardrobe for summer clothing and see what I've got.

By the way, when did shops stop selling sarongs? Have they gone out of fashion or something? And why are there no brown wedges either?!! Answers on a postcard please.....

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