Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What you need to be a popular blogger and gain followers:

Everyone is asking the same question. How do I become popular as a blogger? What do they have that I don't? Well, sit back and read. Here are the answers! (P.s this is meant to be humorous, not insulting!)

1) A monthly subscription to a beauty box

Preferably, you need to be subscribed to all of them......glossybox, feel unique, joliebox, carmine....the list goes on. A subscription to these boxes give you something to write about once a month. 
Unfortunately, someone has to be first, and everyone elses will be a copy review. It gets a little boring after the fifth read.

2) A love of Nandos or Wagamamas or Macaroons

Chicken breast pitta, chips and spicy rice - Nandos.

Cha Han and Chilli Squid - Wagamamas.

Macaroons - photo from

I'm quite a fan of the first two but sadly I've never ever had macaroons. At £10 a box, I just can't justify it!
So there are the places to do your "blogger spotting." They're the ones taking pictures of their food!
Which leads us to:

3) A Canon DSLR Camera

I have no idea if the one above is good or not as I don't have a Canon! But they seem to be the camera of choice for bloggers. A camera is probably the most essential piece of kit for a wannabe blogger. How else are you going to take photos of EVERYTHING you do on a daily basis?

4) An endless supply of money and time

There's a reason that most bloggers (well, the popular ones) are students. They have access to a student loan and they don't have much to do during the day. I know this because I was once a student. An art student no less.
It's pretty hard to devote time to your blog and doing fun things to blog about when you work full time. It's also hard to post a new outfit photo every week when you have a mortgage to pay.....

5) Ombre hair

Lily Melrose

I love that when you type "ombre hair" into google images, the third image that comes up is this one of Lily Melrose! For the uninitiated, ombre hair is when your hair is lighter at the ends than at the roots. It should sort of fade downwards in colour. It's big in the blogging world. And so is big hair come to think of it!

6) An in-depth knowledge of html, the internet and photoshop

Er, I can't think of a picture for this one! You can survive with just a basic knowledge of the internet but sooner or later, you're going to have to watch some you tube videos and learn a bit more. Shabby blogs is a great (free) place to get some cute backgrounds and buttons and they have tutorials to show you how to use it all. I also downloaded a programme called Photoscape which is a free photo editor.

7) An account on every social network site available

There are quite a few sites out there where you can link and promote your blog. There's Lookbook, Pinterest, Facebook, Independent Fashion Bloggers, Twitter, Bloglovin etc
Sign up to every single one and get posting about every single aspect of your life!

What have I missed?
It helps if you can travel endlessly, change your outfit hourly and eat and photgraph lots of meals without putting on weight! You also need that Primark pleather skirt, some Jeffrey Campbell Litas and some sort of top from either a charity shop or Motel. Sorted! (Oh, and don't forget the YSL Arty ring and Mulberry handbag as accessories...)

(Three of my favourtie bloggers there - rocking the pleather skirt! Effies Make-up Box My Pretty Mummy )



I'm dying to get a new camera!

Lidiya said...

This has made my day, so funny! Sadly I have hardly any of those things so couldn't be a popular blogger ;)