Saturday, 10 November 2012

Coming soon!

Aloha! I feel like I have neglected my little corner of the internet over the last week or two......but fear not! I'm working on some D.I.Y's for Xmas ornaments (copies of ones you can buy in the major shops but for a fraction of the price) and in a couple of weeks you will be able to see my new house with all my retro, G Plan furniture in it!

I'm currently watching a teak TV unit on Ebay and surfing for Scandinavian style fabrics to cover my chairs with.......and lusting after some birdcage print wallpaper. Did any of you watch Kirstie's Vintage Home the other night? I literally drooled over the tv! The family on it papered their entire bedroom with some blue, birdcage print wallpaper which I have since found to be by Rob Ryan - and is unfortunately £50 a roll. Sob. So I will instead be saving for the version from Next which is only £15 a roll. And just papering one wall.

Here's the Rob Ryan one:
Rob Ryan wallpaper in Sky Blue
£50 a roll

And the Next version:

Birdcage wallpaper from Next £15 a roll
And oh gosh! I just found some swallow printed paper and some stag printed paper (on the Next website.) Which would you go for?? How many rooms do I have.....?

For now though, I'll leave you with a picture of my amazing Mum sanding down one of my G Plan dining chairs!!

Ha ha! She's going to kill me.....


Anonymous said...

I love anything Rob Ryan! I did watch Kirstie's Vintage Home with a bit too much enthusiasm hehe xx

Victoria said...

We've got one wall in our bedroom papered in the Next birdcage design. Looks lovely!