Monday, 19 November 2012

How to make a "yarn wrapped Xmas wreath" tutorial

Evening! I have a cute, little tutorial for you today. I've got the week off to move house so it's nice to have some time to craft.

This wreath is based on one I saw in Ikea for £10. I had already planned to make a yarn wrapped wreath but when I saw the Ikea one, it gave me the inspiration and the motivation to do it! I'll show you the Ikea one at the end and you can judge whose is better!

So, this is what you are aiming for:

Yarn wrapped wreath!
You will need the following:

A polystyrene wreath shape.
Some wool or "yarn" as the Americans' call it!
Some felt pieces.
Some buttons.

I took apart some old crochet work for the wool.

My wreath shape was from Hobbycraft and cost about £2.20.

The first thing to do is cover your shape with wool. Wrap it round several times until it covers the polystyrene. If you are using two or three colours, wrap them evenly over the top. I didn't glue mine on, I just wrapped the end into the wool.

Make some heart shapes by sewing around the edge of some felt. Leave a gap so you can turn them inside out and then stuff with some wadding.

Attach some ribbon to the top of each one and then tie that ribbon around your wreath so they hang underneath.

To jazz up my wreath, I sewed some buttons on to my hearts and cut out some letters to stick on with a glue gun. I also cut out some bunting shapes out of felt to go through the middle!

(In this picture, the letters are not stuck on as I'm waiting for my mum to bring me a glue gun!)

I was going to write "Merry Xmas" on it but then I wouldn't be able to use it all year round! If you look on Pinterest or Instagram, you can find loads of inspiration on how to decorate your wreath. Simples!

Here is the Ikea version:


They are pretty cute, but mine only cost about £3 to make as I had everything apart from the foam shape! If you give it a go, send me your photos :)

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