Sunday, 4 November 2012

Provide more than everything

Hola! I've been wanting to blog for a few days now but most of my posts have been started and then deleted. I've been thinking about the things that I would want to read about, and at the moment that isn't a whole lot!!

My main life focus right now is planning all the bills I have to change the address on, where to put the sofa in my new house (I get the keys on the 21st) and trying to work out how much money I will have by payday at the end of the month.

I gave in today and let the boy sign us up for Sky tv, including £3 extra a month for the HD channels that apparently women can't actually see. Joy. I see the tv as a bit of an investment as we don't tend to go out much, but we do spend hours on the sofa watching various sitcoms, documentaries, films etc. What can I say? I'm getting old!

The only things I can share with you right now are a quick snap of my o.o.t.d and my joyous Festive Starbucks lattes - buy one get one free today! Oh, and my current obsession - dove grey walls....enjoy :)

None of these clothes are current except the dress which is Dorothy Perkins!
Toffee nut latte and eggnog latte (with cream!)

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Dove grey walls and a grey felt sofa
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What could be more chic than neutral grey walls? They go with literally any colour!!

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I even have that chair....
 I literally can't wait to move! I'll miss my house, of course, but I do love to decorate! And I will finally get to use my G Plan furniture!!!! (Note to self: don't start a sentence with the word "and.") 
What is your current winter obsession?



clairemaxwell said...

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your comment on my blog post the other day. It really brightened up my mood. Genuinely. So thank you. You're lovely.

Congratulations on the move! I'm going to be moving out soon and I'm super excited. Decorating is amazing. Can't wait to see pictures of your new place and what you do with it! GOOD LUCK MY LOVE.


Becky said...

Aww thanks! Your comment has brightened my day too! I hope we get to see some pics of your decorating efforts too!