Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A whole new world

Howdy! I'm super excited to let you know that I will be hopefully moving house in approximately 3 weeks!
Pending credit checks, I will be moving in with my fiance into a lovely 2 bedroom house with garden, near to our workplace. What could be more exciting than that???
Well, for me, the fact that with only one more day of October I am tantalisingly close to 5000 page views for this month. Not every body's dream achievement but nonetheless, it's great for me!

Also, November is my birthday month. Suhweet! I didn't think I really needed anything but there are so many lovely things in the shops at this time of year......and I can only take a certain number of bits from the house I currently share with my ex so I made some random stuff like bath mats and cutlery!

So there you go. My life update for you in a few sentences. I'm currently watching GeorgeClarke's Amazing Spaces and I'm extremely tired and worn down at the moment so certain words may be spelt incorrectly (apparently mispelt is not a word) or make no sense. No apologies. X

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