Monday, 8 October 2012

Polka dots and studs

Warning: this post does not contain pictures of hot men. The aforementioned "studs" are of the spiky variety.
Well, now we've cleared that up, I thought I'd share with you my outfit of the other day. It's never going to be an "outfit of the day" - I'm just not that organised!
The weather was pretty darn good on Saturday so I decided to take some al fresco pictures in my garden. Unfortunately, the sun was in my eyes...blah blah blah....and the photos weren't great. But here are the best of a bad bunch!

Polka dot dress - Dorothy Perkins, Tights - Primark, Studded boots - Primark
Leather Jacket - Muubaa.
You might have noticed that my hair is a little bit darker. I used the Garnier Olia hair dye I bought in Boots - it worked really well and was easy to use. Highly recommended. If I ever find the Garnier Multi Lights kit (number 4) for sale then I'll put my highlights back in, but at the moment I can only find it on Ebay. Maybe next month...

We decided to make use of the good weather and headed for Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. However, we got stuck in a huge traffic jam just outside Portsmouth centre and had to do a detour via a petrol station so I could go to the loo! I haven't been that desperate for the loo and stuck in a car since I was about five! Then, when we got to Gunwharf, there wasn't actually anything worth buying. Bit of a fail day out.

Yesterday, I dressed "like I was going horse riding" apparently and made macarons / macaroons at home. I had another fail when I realised the only piping bags I had in the house were made of grease proof paper. The nozzle and bag ended up separately in the mixture and I had to use a teaspoon to get the circles of batter onto the baking trays. They actually turned out really well considering!

I used some strawberry flavouring, some peach colouring and a nutella filling. I would not recommend making your own macaroons as it's actually quite manageable and highly addictive. They will lead to cravings.

Dressing like a jockey...polo shirt - Lacoste, coloured skinny jeans - Primark
boots - Oasis, glasses - Fcuk at Specsavers.
Strawberry and nutella macarons / macaroons
(Look! They have glossy tops and "feet." My go-to recipe is here )

And just in case you're not totally bored of my polka dot dress, here's how I styled it up to go out for the day!

Leather jacket - Gap, leather bag - boutique in Venice.
I had to include that photo because for some reason, photos taken in my mirror are much more flattering!

Coming up on the blog soon: easy Xmas diy's like homemade wreaths and handmade gifts.

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