Sunday, 16 December 2012

A quick peak around my new house!

Good evening peeps! I know I have been very absent during December but here are my excuses reasons.....
1) My cat was ill so I had to take her to the vets - which was expensive!
2) My car had to go in for it's MOT and failed, which was also expensive!
3) I got the noro virus/ winter vomiting bug on Friday night and have been confined to the sofa/ bed ever since. Not my finest hour.

But enough about my tales of woe, if you are anything like me (nosey) then you probably want to see a little bit of my new house!
Here are a few snippets of my favourite things - some of them are a little random so be warned!

Hanging my birthday cards with pegs to brighten the walls
Thomas will sleep anywhere but a comfy sofa is his favourite place
My lounge is full of retro touches and G Plan furniture!
We have a kitsch white Xmas tree with lots of gifts underneath
Christmas tree ornaments should be fun and colourful!

We have a spa bath and power shower! I feel like I'm in a hotel every time I wash.....
No bathroom would be complete without a zebra shower curtain! (From The Range £7.99)
My favourite nook of the house is under the stairs. I recovered the chairs with Ikea fabric.
We got this painting of Brighton in the sale at TK Maxx.
We each have a bear on the bed, of course!

So there you go! Our little home. The cats went out for the first time today and have settled in fairly well. Now we just need to fill the house with babies! Ok, maybe only one baby and not before I need to get into my wedding dress!

The house is still a work in progress, but what do you think? Did I do good? Praise me!

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Becky Conroy said...

I love your retro furniture. Especially the chairs underneath the stairs (ha i rhyme). XX