Friday, 5 April 2013

Life got in the way!

Wanna know what I've been up to recently? Alongside ordering our wedding invites and picking a wedding photographer ( the lovely Kimberley Garrod ) these are the things I have been doing:

charity shop mirror
Vintage mirror - charity shop
I bought this beautiful, vintage mirror from my local charity shop for just £10! It has a little chain to hang it up with but at the moment I don't have a drill :(  so it's just resting on my table.

We finally got a new toaster after my cat peed in the first one and the second one blew up! It was only £8.99 down from £30 in Sainsbury's. Bargain queen.

Lemon drizzle cake - nom nom.
I made a lemon drizzle cake using a Nigella recipe and took it to work. It didn't last more than a few hours and was easy and delicious! Definitely a keeper.

Lindt chocolate bunny

My mum asked me which Easter egg I would like this year - I decided on a Lindt bunny. The chocolate is really thick and creamy and super yummy. Poor little bunny didn't last long....

Lulah - my tortoiseshell cat
Lulah came to stay with us whilst my ex went home for a few days. Thomas went to stay with my future in laws so it was just Lulah and Lily in our house. Lulah has lovely, soft fur and is very cuddly so we enjoyed her little visit :)

Apart from that, I have been baffled by yesterdays' snow flurries (I mistakenly thought we were in spring) and continuing the arduous task of wedding planning. I realise that I haven't yet shown you my new living room decoration so I'll do that as soon as the sun comes back. So, never then!

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