Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A sixties retro wedding!

Now I'm going to be honest here..........I've been stuck for something to write about for a few days! I haven't really done anything other than complain about the cold weather, worked busy shifts, and spent hours on the Internet looking at wedding invitations but not making any decisions about said invitations.

So after a bit of thought, I considered what  I would like to read about and hit on the idea of some vintage wedding inspiration. It's been in the back of my mind that I would like to have sixties inspired hair and make up for my wedding so here are a few ideas for you if you have the same tastes!

This is pretty much EXACTLY what I had in mind! Large amounts of black eye liner and a modern twist on the beehive. Ideally, I'd like my hair half up, half down with some sort of tiara.

A messy beehive looks more modern

Wow. If I looked like this, I would never stop looking in the mirror! I'm going to have to try and get my skin in tip top condition by September (hello! some sun would help!)
I've already started using deep conditioning treatments on my hair and plan to get it trimmed once more before the big day.....

Pinned Image
Chocolate brown eye shadow and ombre hair

I'm not great at doing my own make up so I'll also be trying to find a make up artist to do it for me. I think it's important to feel special on your big day - and for me that means looking a little bit more polished than on a regular day!

And the best way to turn up at your retro wedding? A vintage camper van of course! Unfortunately my boy wasn't sold on this idea and we will be travelling in something a little bit more modern :(

And finally.......a retro cake!

An Orla Kiely cake!
And some matching Orla Kiely cupcakes!

Well, I hope you like this little insight into my retro mind! I was definitely born in the wrong era...


Chic and Cliché said...

Those updos are SO elegant!


amy said...

I posted that second picture on one of my boards on pinterest a while ago! Have shown my hairdresser to see if she thinks it's do-able for our wedding. Love it!