Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Valentinos hair salon Groupon offer review

As you know, I'm always on the look out for a bargain, so when I saw an offer on Groupon for highlights and a hair cut for only £28 it didn't take me too long to sign up.

I've seen quite a few similar offers on Groupon but have passed them up because the salons usually look a bit "uncool." However, I had a look at the Valentinos website and it looked pretty good. The offer was for either a t-section of highlights or for colour, plus a cut and blow dry so I opted for the highlights.

I went to visit the salon thinking I needed to have a patch test but apparently I didn't need to for highlights. That was a slightly iffy start for me and also I couldn't get the salon door open as it sticks! When I went in, there was only one, slightly older lady having her hair done and I started to wonder if I had made the wrong decision....

I stuck with it and after a few phone calls and a lucky cancellation, I headed to town today for the main appointment! The salon was a little busy and the staff put me at ease with a cup of tea and some magazines. The consultation was good and I felt pretty confident that it would be ok.

This is what my hair looked like before I went in:

The highlights were applied and left for a worryingly long time but they did check them a few times and it was nice to relax!

I read several issues of Ok magazine and found out all the celebrity gossip. Very handy.

After about an hour, the highlights were washed out and I was treated to several conditioning treatments and a head massage.

Getting highlights is really glamorous!
When that was all done, I had my hair trimmed (growing it for the wedding!) and blow dried. She did a good job of drying my hair and didn't iron it totally straight with the straighteners which is what usually happens when I get my hair done!

After! Subtle highlights and healthy tips.

I'm really pleased with the results and definitely wowed by the price. It usually costs me around £42 just to get a trim at Rush so this was great value. I was also given a half price voucher for my next haircut. Bonus!

I will definitely be going back to get my hair trimmed just before the wedding and I would recommend Valentinos. Good job guys!

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