Monday, 4 March 2013

Ootd: Marks and Spencer Pug Print Dress

As promised, here is the dress I bought from the Limited Collection of Marks and Spencer.
I wore it today to go into town with mum, for lunch at Wagamama's and on the hunt for invitation printing paper!

Navy pug dress £39.50 Marks and Spencer
It may look black, but it's actually navy- which is helpful because everything I've bought for the last six months has been navy!

I was struggling with the light indoors despite a bit of sunshine so I moved outdoors and braved the cold wind....

I wore it with some grey tights and my faithful (but falling apart) black pirate boots. It was really comfortable to wear - even after a Wagamama's!

We also had a tall tea in Starbucks and I got a mini haul in Poundland in the form of a nail polish printing kit (Konad style), a caviar style nail kit, some pastel paper for invitation insets and 2 packs of bulbs for the garden! If you're not sure what Konad and Caviar nail sets are, I'll review them next week!

Now I'm off to print some practise wedding invites.......

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