Monday, 11 March 2013

Poundland Caviar and Stamped Nails Sets Review

So, as promised, here is my review of the Caviar nails and Stamping nails sets from Poundland.

Let's start with the caviar nails. Caviar nails were made popular by a company called Ciate and basically involves painting your nails and then sprinkling in tiny beads to the wet polish. They retail for around £18 a set which includes beads and matching nail polish. You can get them at Asos and Selfridges

My set was only a pound!

Flawless Caviar Nail Set from Poundland
They stock 3 different colours - I went for the opalescent nail polish and pink and blue beads.

They were really easy to apply and they feel fairly secure. I'll test them out at work tomorrow where they are sure to get a battering!

Blue nail polish by Barry M
I think these are great for a pound and make a nice statement.

And so on to the stamp set....

Konad stamping sets range from £10 up to about £95 depending on which set you buy. You can get fake Konad nail plates on Ebay for a lot cheaper!
The Poundland set only includes a metal plate, a scraping tool and a stamp. The Konad sets inlcude a thick nail polish to use to stamp the design.


I have watched a few Youtube videos on how to do nail stamping and it is pretty easy....however, I didn't have any white nail polish or any that were particularly thick in consistancy. This meant that my design did not show up at all! I'll have to order some Konad polish from Ebay.

So, in conclusion, I would recommend the Caviar set but maybe not the Stamping set unless you have some gloopy nail polish to hand!

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