Sunday, 11 August 2013

Pregnancy week 15 - hello bump!

Well, there wasn't a week 14 because I felt horrible. I thought I would feel ill forever but this week I've been feeling pretty good (touch wood!)

I got loads of wedding stuff done this week....we went bridesmaid dress shopping today and tomorrow I have my make up trial and my dress fitting. Not entirely sure how the dress fitting will go! I might need to panic buy a loose fitting dress in the Monsoon sale!!!!

Here's the 15 week bump:

It depends on what I'm wearing as to how pregnant I look. A PR guy today offered me a sample of the new Parrot Frozen Cocktails, not realising I was preggers! (I did try it - it was amazing.)

I have become addicted to iced coffee over the past 2 weeks. I don't care where it comes far I have tried Costa, Starbucks (from Sainsburys), Marks and Spencers café and Mac. Donalds. I would recommend the Mac Donalds one strangely enough!

A Marks and Spencers Mochafrappe.
In other news, I have been covering myself in anti stretch mark cream and panicking about lack of summer clothing for my honeymoon in a months time! Autumn/ winter clothing in the shops already? Help!

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Lisa Lawless Furey said...

Hi bump is coming along nicely! ASOS are having a sale at the moment alot of summer maternity stuff going for a fiver!!