Friday, 23 August 2013

Pregnancy week 17 and a half!

Wow, I am such a slack blogger!
Well, you try being pregnant and planning a wedding and working full time and then see if you have time to blog!

My time has mostly been spent constructing fiddly favour boxes, varnishing favour keyrings, checking that everyone has rsvp'd and generally just panicking that my wedding is now only 28 days away!! (which also means that my honeymoon will hopefully be soon after...)

I've also been hanging out at Marks and Spencers. Does that sound random? I really like it there! At the moment, they seem to have sales all the time and the service is really good. They make me feel all warm and valued! I took the opportunity to pick up some gorgeous baby clothes in the sale...

Marks and Spencers sale - jackets £5 each, bibs £3 for a pack of 3.
 As I don't find out the sex of the baby until the 9th of September, I made sure to ask about the returns policy so I could buy both colours!! The jackets are reversible too - so cute!

Last Sunday, we went to our local church to hear our Banns being read (something you do before getting married in church.) This dress still just about fits...!

My bump is almost big enough to use as a table now!

Starbucks caramel macchiato iced coffee - currently on offer at Sainsburys.
You can probably call this an addiction now. I need to have one iced coffee a day. I would drink it all day if I could find a decaf version!

Well, that's week 17.....what have you been up to recently?

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