Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Back at the Hannah Banana Bakery!

Hiya! Enjoying your Wednesday?? I thought that as my last post about the Hannah Banana Bakery was soooo popular, that I would post some of the photos of her work that should have been included. At the time I was having a fail with getting the pictures from her facebook page but I've since worked it out and hope she will be pleased by this surprise post and not sue me for stealing her pictures! Lol.
All her cakes are vegan and some are gluten free which according to my mum means that you are less likely to get indigestion! Winner!

Her designs are just gorgeous and her packaging is pure luxury! I really am so proud of her!
You can view her facebook page here:!/pages/Hannah-Banana-Bakery/113780655363042  (hope that works)  and occasionally you can buy from her here:

Hannah is a great example of how you can start up your own business in the middle of a recession and make it work!
Hopefully this post is enough of a bribe for her to make me some cake pops! I had one of my mum's that I ordered for Mothers' Day and it was seriously good. I dream about it.... X


Cait said...

The colourful egg box is genius! Love them! <3

Victorious Cupcakes said...

We LOVE Hannah!!

Anonymous said...

Awww! Thank you so much for this! Next batch of cake pops I make I'll save some for you :) x Hannah Banana