Tuesday, 10 May 2011

DIY pearl trim vest top

I've been trying to do a little bit more crafting recently as I feel it's a better use of my time than sitting and watching tv! I've been reading www.guiltfreefashion.co.uk ofr ideas and thought it was super cool how she had used pearls on a mens' shirt collar.

I remembered that I had a cheap pearl necklace that I got in Primark and have never worn so I took the scissors to it! I had a red vest top that I rarely wear so that became the basis for my DIY.
Here's what you need:

I simply sewed on lots of these pearls around the neckline of the vest. It took about an hour. And here are the results:

I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I have also been making something for my friend who has given birth today but I can't show you yet as I haven't sent it and she reads my blog! (Maybe not at the moment though as I'm sure she is exhausted!)

I spent the day tidying up the house again as we had a viewing - fun! I made some fairy cakes to make the house smell yummy - they turned out real pretty....

In other news, I bought a new bikini the other day from H and M. It was only £8 and came as separates so you can buy different sizes. They have a really good collection of swimwear at the moment and I'm sure that if I was actually going on holiday this year then I would probably have bought a few more!
Here it is in all it's teal glory...

Now I just need some sunshine and a bikini body! Are you going anywhere on holiday this year?

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