Friday, 6 May 2011

More charity shop bargains

I got these beautiful china jars in a local charity shop for £2 (tea) and £3 (biscuits.) I absolutely love them for their retro vibe!
I've got lots of bits and pieces now for when I move in with my boyfriend but I have to sell my house first which will be a bit sad. I'm missing my new chair which is still at my mum's house!!!
The weather was pretty good again the other day so I put on that lace dress again....

This time with bare legs and knee high socks under my boots. I also backcombed my hair but I just can't get it big enough!!!
I've just noticed in my next close up shot that my skin looks quite clear (which it isn't!) so my new foundation must be doing some good.

Positively glowing! I decided to play around with the camera outside as it was nice and sunny - and my cat Lulah wanted to get in on the action! She looks a bit grumpy but she's a sweety really. We sort of forced her to have a picture taken...

Not much else to comment on really....Tomorrow I going shopping with Hannah (of Banana Bakery fame) so I'll be attempting to not buy anything. Boring! It seems to me that the girls on the blogs I read have an endless stream of money to buy things online and go shopping with. I sadly don't have that luxury...which means you lovely people get to see the same things over and over again. Lucky you!

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