Monday, 29 July 2013

Pregnancy - week 13: The one where I hate on maternity clothes!

Hiya! So I know I said I would blog more.....but I was just sooo tired last week  and I wasn't feeling great. I had a nice, relaxing time at my mum's house in north Wales - here are a few snapshots to show you what I got up to:

That should be Betws-y-Coed...ooops. A beautiful town on the mountains :)
Trout for lunch at the pub and a beautiful house and church.
I can just about still get into some of my clothes and I crocheted my first baby bootie!
My bump is starting to get a little bit bigger so I went to the hassle of looking for some maternity clothes. That proved to be a depressing experience! After trying some ill fitting jeans in New Look and several shapeless dresses, I decided to put the effort in to order some Topshop jeans to the local Topshop store.

Topshop doesn't seem to carry maternity clothing in any of its' regular stores but if you pay an extra £2, you can get your online order delivered to the nearest store (where you can return it too!)
I ordered the Leigh skinny maternity jeans and a blue t-shirt dress (which was hideous) and found the jeans to be super comfy and a good length (you can get a 30inch leg...)

They are expensive at £38 (plus the £2 to order) but I'm planning to wear them all the time. The New Look skinny jeans I tried were rough and baggy on the legs - and generally annoying.

The selection of maternity clothing in high street shops is truly awful and as I'm not a fan of online shopping, the situation is a little desperate!

Anyone got any tips??

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Lisa Lawless Furey said...

Hey congrats again :) I am just 17 weeks and I have been also finding it hard to get some nice maternity clothes. I live in Ireland but I went online to Next and found some really nice well fitting jeans also new look online have a much better selection. Good luck!