Sunday, 17 June 2012

I didn't find it, it found me!!

Howdy! So I was going to blog about an hour ago but then I remembered that the Mulberry sale had started so I perused that for a bit then I checked out the Harvey Nichols sale....then the Harrods sale, then the Selfridges sale...then the My Wardrobe sale.....

The title is from the top of the Selfridges website. I though it was very apt! I haven't ordered anything though so you should be proud of me. That's not to say that I haven't bought anything today...

I got these gorgeous lamps in my local Sainsburys for £7.50 each. I was going to buy them when they were reduced to £15 each so I;m glad I waited! I also had some Nectar points so with bulbs I only ended up paying £11.50. Awesome times.

Picture frames, flower lights and bedside lamps - all from Sainsburys.

Yesterday, at work, the strangest thing happened. I was telling my friend about how I LOVE getting post but never get any when the days post arrived. He walked down the shop with a big package addressed to me! My lovely mum had sent me 2 dresses and a playsuit (that she says were too young for her...) So exciting!

Here is the playsuit:

Navy playsuit - TKmaxx

I'm wearing one of the other dresses she sent me. I wasn't sure about it at first, but it looks much better on!

Please ignore that weird smudge on the right hand side....I think I've fixed my camera now. Everything seems to be breaking recently! My garden parasol snapped in half in the wind, my hoover over heated when I obsessively hoovered for too long and then my camera got that weird mark. Bad times! Hopefully that was my 3 bad experiences over with.

The only thing to tell you is that I'm selling a couple of things on Ebay at the mo....mostly outdoor clothing but also my Muubaa leather jacket. You can find them here

Oh, and HI to my new followers and super thanks to the girl who tweeted about my bunting diy! Those things and all your lovely comments made me super happy! :)

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Pickle said...

I love how you've styled your bedroom, really pretty! x