Thursday, 21 June 2012

My day of free stuff!

I had a really "lucky" vibe going on today. Doesn't happen often.... it all started in my local Sainsbury's!!

I was only in there to buy some rolls for my lunch but the self service machine printed me a coupon for a free razor..... so off I went to investigate and managed to leave with a free razor worth £8.99! It was in conjunction with my Nectar card but other than that I'm not sure what I did to deserve it! (There was a little bit of hassle when the coupon wouldn't scan but the shop lady sorted it for me...)

Free razor from Sainsbury's

I think it's probably a men's razor but who cares? Although I'll probably chop my legs to bits with it later....
So that got me in the more for more freebies and I had remembered seeing on my contact lens packet from Specsavers that I could get free glasses form the £45 range as I get my contacts monthly and by direct debit.

Of we went to town to investigate. I thought they might not do it for me as I recently got new glasses on the buy one get one free deal.......I picked some from the £25 range and sat with my fingers crossed whilst they typed in my details. Et voila! New glasses FREE to pick up next Wednesday!

LYRA glasses
Lyra glasses £25 from Specsavers or free with contact lens scheme!

There wasn't as much to chose from as there is online but these were different enough to my other two pairs. You can also go for more expensive ones but pay a much cheaper price ie pay £10 for ones from the £69 range. Such a good deal!!!!

My freebies didn't stop there..... in West Quay they had a stand giving away free loo roll!

Not the most exciting thing, but it's FREE and that's all that counts today!

I also dropped in to Rush (a hairdressers in Southampton) and got my fringe trimmed for FREE! It didn't really need it to be honest but I was in the "free" mindset!

That's almost where the free ends although I did park for free at Leisure World and I could have had a free cup of tea in Ikea as my boyfriend has one of their "family cards" - it gets you a free cuppa between Monday and Friday I think. But we didn't. We went to Starbucks and had tall teas and muffins (skinny muffin for me of course.)

I spent a little bit of money in Primark, on some burgundy skinny jeans (£11) and a black duck print top (£8) but we won't talk about that....

Duck print top and skinny jeans from Primark

I'll do an outfit post soon so you can see them in action. You won't be seeing that polka dot playsuit (that I blogged the other day) anytime soon as I wore it and the zip broke. Sad times. However, after seeing the pics I took of me wearing it, I decided it made me look wide!

Let me know how you get your freebies - I'm always looking for new tips!


The Furey Follies said...

I love getting freebies!! You got some great freebie :) I just LOVE the duck top from primark xx

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fab free day!
I got some free Twining tea samples. Apparently you can sign up and recieve 2 of your choice on the website =)

Becky Conroy said...

Oh wow! What a fab freebie day. x

Hayley said...

I got some free loo roll too but from the Bullring in Birmingham! I miss West Quay :( x