Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Shopping haul!

Hello!I've been a little bit carried away on the buying front recently but I hasten to add that as always, it was on a budget!

The other day, I bought some red skinny jeans from Primark for the bargain price of £11 but I bought the size 12 and after wearing them for about half an hour, they went a bit baggy. So I took them back today and bought 2 other colours. (I was being indecisive as always!)

Here's the red ones:

Red skinny jeans - Primark, £11.

I personally think this outfit makes me look a bit short and dumpy but the boyfriend said I looked ok. Make up your own mind!

Here are the newer colours I bought:

One pair is a sort of teal blue colour, the other are a baby blue - not white as they look in the photo! They also had some lovely dusty purple ones but not in my size :(
I also bought the butterfly top that I'm wearing above - it was only £8 and has a pink zip down the back...

It doesn't end lovely boyfriend also bought me a cute bag and also a stick on fisheye lens for my mobile phone - both Primark! The bag was £3 on the sale and the lens was £2. Bargain...

I picked up my new, free glasses from Specsavers:

Awful photo but you get the idea! Speaking of photos, I went to Gunwharf Quays yesterday to meet a friend and found a beautiful, leather photo album in the Paperchase outlet. It was only £15 down from £30 and it will hopefully give me the inspiration to put all my old photos somewhere a bit more accessible.

And last but not least, I ordered a new phone from a Groupon offer that was on last week! It's the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 and it arrived today. I am only charging it so far as I'm a bit scared to turn the thing on tbh! It's huge. HUGE. My old phone (Motorola Defy) fits in to the screen size of my new phone. I'll give it a go in a minute...

I spent a good hour looking at phone cases on Amazon, but as usual, I couldn't decide. Ideally I need a phone case company to send me a freebie! Who can hook me up??

I think that's plenty of spending for now....although I saw some lovely black and white brogues on the Dune website in the sale....BUT I'm still undecided as to whether brogues are amazing or ugly. Answers on a postcard please...... x


Becky | said...

These are such great buys! I'm with your bf, you don't look dumpy AT ALL! (I too hate when jeans go baggy, what a pain!)

I struggled with brogues too at first but now I have black, tan, and silver glittery (!) pairs and can't imagine life without them!!

Becky | x

p.s. Thanks for your comment :D

rach_t said...

i dont think you look dumpy at all! love the duck top (are they ducks?) LOve it!! and the butterfly top is so pretty too!xx