Sunday, 1 July 2012

Photo booth fun! (a tutorial)

Hello, and how are you today? Oh well. You'll get over it!

My bestie came round today and I had prepared a little bit of fun for the afternoon. I've seen a lot of photo booth action going on (mainly wedding related) and thought it looked pretty amusing - and easy.

I found an awesome website called Oh Happy Day where you can easily print your own photo booth style masks and moustaches etc. So I whipped out the printer but soon discovered we were low on black ink. No problem, I have a Sharpie!

You will need scissors, glue stick, card, wooden skewers and printed masks.
So, as I was saying, my blacks came out grey so I coloured them in with black Sharpie.

Then you need to cut roughly round the edge and stick it to some stiff card.

Then all you need to do is stick a wooden skewer or dowel on the back to hold it by!

Not sure you can really call that a tutorial but they are in action!

My bestie Hannah - wearing a pearl collar inspired by me!

When I finally get married, I have so many diy plans! And this will be one of them!

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rach_t said...

these look so fun! i want to print and use at our next party¬!!xx