Friday, 13 July 2012

Guilty pleasures and hair envy

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Hello! I'll just quickly let you know that that wasn't my only bad day this week....the day after my whinging, I bent my engagement ring!!! Major sad face. I will have to take it to the jewellers on Sunday and maybe not wear it to work (although that's where I spend 90% of my time - boo hiss.)

Anywayz, my house mate is out and I'm enjoying the peace and quiet with a little You Tube time. I have some major hair envy going on at the moment - Instagram, Pinterest and You Tube are all fuelling my jealousys (is that a word?) Jealousies?

I've been growing my hair for a while now (last cut - 3 months ago ) but it seems to be stuck at a certain length. Only these "hairspirations" are making me persevere!

This is where the guilty pleasure comes in......I think teenagers have the best hair. I LOVE  those huge, side swept fringes (bangs!) that they have going on! Their hair is glossy and big and messy. I may be 30 but I feel a definite need for huge hair. That's where You Tube provides the inspiration. Just type in "easy back to school hairstyles" and there is a plethora of skinny (mostly American) girls with massive hair and cute, little faces. And they know how to do make up too!

I was NOT glamorous at school. My school was strict about everything so I doubt I would have been allowed big hair and tons of slap. And now I'm just a bit too old to pull it off. Bad times.

Check out this girls video - her braces are so cute!

Do you have hair envy? Or do you get bored, cut it all off and then cry? That's never happened to me.....

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