Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Why did I get up?

I think I should have stayed in bed today.....it wasn't a truly awful day but it was irritating enough!

A stupid ebayer is trying to claim that the Muubaa jacket I sold them is fake - which it's NOT. Idiot. Then I found out some people from work went out and didn't invite me. Sad face. Cue feeling like I'm back at school and haven't been invited to the sleepover. After that, I had to squash a huge spider sitting at the bottom of my stairs. I was very brave....

Luckily, I had an ok time in town buying my besties birthday present and treating myself to a wedding planner notebook and coloured pens! I also found out that we are getting a Cafe Rouge, Wagamamas and Pizza Express in our shopping centre......this could be seen as good or bad news! I love Wagamamas with a passion so that might be costly :)

I bought some cute, heart shaped earrings in the Topshop sale but when I came to take out my old earrings at home I found that they're stuck! (I put the little plastic bit on after the backs and it won't come off...) So, I broke one of my earrings trying to get them out and still haven't actually managed to get them off. Super irritating. Grrr.

All a bit crappy really! Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow life will be less out to get me....

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I am having one of those days too!
Fingers crossed tomorrow will be better =)