Monday, 23 July 2012

A fresh start

Evening! Please take a second away from your barbecues to view my latest going-ons!
The sun has miraculously made an appearance and the UK is going Mad For It! Seriously, any change in the weather and we don't know how to cope.....
I had a lovely day picking my new engagement ring on Tuesday. I might have told you that I bent my last one (sad face) as it was ridiculously delicate. I loved the design but needed something more practical that I could wear at work without worrying. This is engagement ring number 2:

It has a cluster of little diamonds in a white gold, flower setting. If you want to "steal my style" (who wouldn't?) then you can find it at Ernest Jones!

I spent Sunday selling at our tent show for work in some glorious sunshine. Unfortunately, I got a strange shaped patch of sunburn and a migraine to show for it! It was lovely to get out in the fresh air for the day and the field we set up in was right by the water.

Here's my weekend in a nut shell:

1) Beach at Queen Victoria Country Park 2) The Chapel 3) Cotswolds' boys
4) Didn't need my Hunters in the sun! 4) First ice cream of the summer 5) Working my uniform
6) Fields of tents 7) My favourite mugs (random!) 8) A dream day at work

As you can see, my job can be pretty cushy at times!

If you want to follow me and my epic adventures then you can find me at:
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Instagram - probably at girlfrommars79 - I don't know how Instagram works yet!

Have a lovely, sun filled week - I will be!


The Furey Follies said...

Your new engagement ring is amazing love the style and design of it. Thanks for letting me know the make of your new phone I will be asking the hubby for one xx

Benlovesting said...

Oh oh my beautiful ring x