Monday, 30 July 2012

DIY Wedding decorations: Fabric pom pom tutorial

As you all know, I'm planning to get married sometime next year or so and have been thinking about how I can include some of my own little handmade touches. Whilst I was trying to sleep (and failing) it occurred to me that my tissue paper pom poms could easily be made out of fabric. So I tried it. And it worked beautifully!

I've already done a tutorial for the tissue paper version which you can find under the tutorials button but in case you need a refresher, here's what you do!

1) Cut out some squares of your chosen fabric. I roughly cut 8 out of an old Primark dress! It's helpful to use a material that shows the print on both sides and is fairly soft.

2) Concertina the fabric and tie some ribbon (or wire) around the middle to keep it in place.

3) You need to trim the ends with sharp fabric scissors to make petal shapes. Just round off the corners into a semi circle.

4) Time to "peel the petals!" This is sooo much easier with fabric than it is with tissue paper as you don't have to worry about the fabric ripping! Lift each layer and space them out to make a 3d shape.

5) Hang it up and admire it! If you want to use them for a wedding, match your fabric colours to your chosen wedding colour. I think it would probably look amazing to make several of different sizes and then tie them along some ribbon to make fabric pom pom bunting!

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