Friday, 1 June 2012

Week in pictures!

Let's start with today......! My mum and I went to Gunwharf Quays in Porsmouth and had an awesome lunch in Jamie's Italian. I have been to the Guildford one (on the opening night!) and really enjoyed the food.

We had some olives "on ice" to start that came with "music bread" (seriously, where does Jamie Oliver come up with these ideas??) and some tapenade in the middle. It was heaven...

We treated ourselves to a Bellini....
I had the pasta with puttanesca sauce (a small portion as we had planned to have desert...)

My mum had the pear and proscuito salad.....

Then we each had desert, which I forgot to photograph! I had panna cotta (divine) and my mum had an ice cream bombe with pannetone and candied fruits.
The service was good, the decor was quirky and overall we had a lovely time! Outside, there was a vintage ice cream truck....

Jamie's ice cream!
Lucky it wasn't open or we would have been back in the afternoon!

What else have I been up to? The boy and I made a recipe from the Hummingbird bakery cook book a week or two ago. It was pretty hard to make the "butterscotch" part and it was laden with calories but I enjoyed it!

Butterscotch marshmallow bars.

Martin mixes the ingredients....

Ours didn't look like the picture....
The rest of these pictures are just other randoms from my phone that I have finally uploaded!

Headkandy hair extensions in hot toffee

Sainsburys peanut butter nutter ice creams

Showing my legs what the sun looks like!

Not real! Dip dyed tissue paper pom pom.

My mum puts Thomas in his place!
Well, there you go. That's what I've been doing recently! What have you been up to?

P.s my computer does not spell check Italian words so for the sake of my Italian heritage, I hope I've spelt them correctly. I have a feeling proscuito is spelt prosscuito? Answers on a post card to "I don't care." Lolz.

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Alina Anghel said...

lovely photos! the food looks delicious! xx